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Even Queen's Exercise

I have tried a lot of stuff.  I wish I could run.  I went to psychical therapy for runner's knee and everything. I still can't walk up steps after I run.  So I then I just walked.  That does great for a cardio workout.  The psychical therapist says it's the same cardiac benefits as running.  It's free..that's great.  I like to walk and swim...but I need some toning and muscle building too. 
My very favorite videos are Physique 57 ..I love them... I have tried insanity, p90x, the firm, every body part of steel they make, Jillian Michael (which I have 3 new ones of those for sell if you want them)... this has made all the difference in the world for me personally. My favorite Pick is physique 57 volume 1..I like volume 2 as well..but volume 1 is my fav!!
Here is all the equipment you need..

I like volume one the best. It has 3 dvd's and comes with the ball.  It has 2 dvd's that are only 30 min and the other one is 57 min.  They recommend you work out 5 days a week. This is so great because I don't have hours a day to work out. This gives results.

The cheapest place I have found them is an amazon..just follow the link :