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Monday, October 31, 2011

What to do on vacation????

Chad had to go to a seminar in Las Vegas and I tagged along for my birthday. I like to celebrate for a whole month and it just happened that we got there on my birthday. Las Vegas has so much to do and so many wonderful restaurants. What is a girl who tries to eat healthy and not gain weight to do?!?!

So, you think I am going to say to take all this junk with you and find a healthy grocery store or something like that....Nope! You really can't fly with that much stuff ....and..... It's vacation and you try to do what you can and enjoy yourself the rest of the time. REALLY?? Yes! I did take a couple of things in a little cooler on the airplane because I didn't want to eat their junk and pay a bunch on the 4 hr flight out there.  I packed nuts, fruit, and some string cheese. I also took my wheat germ and flax seed meal in baggies so I could add it to my oatmeal.

The trick is portion size.  I tried to eat healthy for breakfast and lunch and then dinner was whatever I wanted.  I took my exercise videos and did the 30 min one of those only two days.   I wanted to do everything there I could and not waste all my time exercising. Plus.. we walked everywhere we went.

For breakfast, I went to the lobby food area, got oatmeal, fruit , and milk and added my flax seed and wheat germ. I also ate and egg and bacon one day.  For lunch, while Chad was in class,  I ate one day with my friend Merideth who lives there and one day ate alone. I had salad and then a whole wheat wrap the other day. The last day, Chad had no classes, he wanted In and Out Burger and we went for it.  I will say a plug for them.  They use only fresh ingredients, healthy oil, cut the potatoes and make their buns from scratch. They are a Christian organization with John 3:16 on the wrappers and cups :D

For dinner..I had whatever I wanted. Yep, every night.  We just ate and had fun.  We ate at 2 buffets, a great little Italian place, the grande lux, and didn't think a thing about it. I tried new things, like a sushi that I finally liked and foods I don't really know what they are, and loved them all.  I ate desserts with sugar in them every night. Do you think I am nuts??!?! Well, its the 80/20 rule. We do this rule in our house a lot. You know, like when you buy a house. It's not going to be perfect, but you have to like 80% and pick your must haves.  So, for eating clean and healthy, it really matters what you do most of the time, having a good time on vacation is not going to make or break your diet. Try to eat 2 meals as healthy as possible and enjoy yourself!   I gained 3 lbs and so now I am doing no carbs for a few days and it will come right off.
Here are some photos and what we ate and did.....
My birthday..Bellagio buffet..some sushi

Chad's dessert plate

My birthday dessert plate

In and Out Burger..yum

These were as big as my hand at the Wicked Spoon Buffet

Too many desserts..just a small portion of this section at The Wicked Spoon

This was not good portion control, ha ha..I did make myself sick and didn't eat all this by the way!

After dinner at the Cosmopolitan and I could still stand up after the sugar overload at The Wicked Spoon
Had to go to Pawn Stars shop for Joseph..he loves this show!

The strip at night..this was in front of NY NY
Frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Healthy Coupon Round Up

Eating Clean, doesn't have to break the bank. I find coupons on several websites. Shopping at the farmer's market and from your local farmer friends also helps.
Here is one thing you can do..go to Earth Fare's Website and click on coupons. A lot of these are manufacturer's coupons and once you print them, you can use them anywhere. Ingles has most of these are a few below that I printed today. They are in black and white because once you click to print, it changes them this way to save your colored ink :D

Here are some places that I like to look at coupons:
Earth Fare
Mambo Sprouts
saving naturally

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cha Cha Cha Chia

I am referring here to the seeds..not the pets. What are Chia seeds and what am I going to do with these? I am so glad you asked!

Salvia hispanica, commonly known as chia, is a species of flowering plant in the mint family. They are a superfood. Discovered by Aztec, they were thought to hold supernatural powers.Chia was considered a running food by the Mayans for their messengers and was prized more than gold. After eating these seeds, messengers could run all day. Chia seeds absorb water and help prevent dehydration, so they are excellent for athletes.  Chia seeds expand in your stomach 9 times their original size and give you a full sensation. This is a plus for dieters!
These little seeds have been studied by researchers and have an amazing composition and amazing health benefits! The Indians were right, except that it is not supernatural, it's just another amazing creation by God :D
Chia seeds are a complete protein and are the highest fiber food available, higher that bran. This seed is as high in fiber as you can get.
You also only need about an ounce (three tablespoons) to get the benefit!! Unlike Flax seed, you don't have to grind these to get the health benefit.
I got these at Ingles

Chia Seed Benefits:

  1.  Energy Booster:There is a surge of energy and strength with chia. It is credited to the synergy of its potent properties. It was once called "Indian Running Food," according to James Scheer, eloquent author of several health books including "The Magic of Chia." 
  2. Weight Loss:Chia seeds are great for weight loss because they easily bulk up the food without changing the taste. Because the carbohydrates re released incredibly slow, it make people feel full. They also bulk up and cleanse the body of old "junk" so the body can detox and lose weight.
  3. Blood Sugar: chia, a low glycemic food, allows blood sugar to rise slowly, without a spike, keeping blood sugar controlled. It is great for diabetes control!
  4. Sleep:Chia seed contains tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes sound sleep. The healing effects originate from serotonin, a neurotransmitter needed for tryptophan formation
  5. Inflammation:  The unsaturated fat contained in chia keeps inflammation down, providing a healthy balance between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
  6. Lowers Cholesterol:With chia's fiber count, linoleic acid and long chain triglycerides that scrub away artery plaque, chia lowers bad LDL cholesterol and raises good HDL levels.
  7. Nutrition:  Along with essential fatty acids, chia contains minerals and vitamins that protect cells. There is as much calcium in 3 oz. of chia as there is in 2 cups of milk. Iron in 4 cups of spinach equals the same as 3 oz. of chia.
  8. Anti-Aging: Chia has 3 times more antioxidant activity than blueberries. Not only does this help you to fight disease and defy age naturally, it also keeps the chia seeds from going off like other seeds such as flax.
  9. Digestion: They are one of the best sources of fiber. They are great for colon cleansing and actually clear out the digestive tract so that you absorb more nutrients and eliminate waste more efficiently. It also prevents indigestion and heartburn without risk of harmful side effects.
  10. Cancer Prevention:Chia holds protease inhibitors that destroy cancer cells and repair DNA damage.
What to do with Chia Seeds

This is the easy part..they are tasteless and do not change the taste of what you are adding them too. On the bag that I have, it says you can just add them to your water and drink them.  I don't think that will have a good texture for me, so here is what I am adding them to...
You can sprinkle them on anything..cereal, granola, yogurt, fruit dips. You can add them to smoothies and to recipes like cakes, muffins, and breads.  You can put them in jams and jellies. It can be used as a thickening agent and a substitute for eggs when soaked. 

I am going to make me a smoothie with them later..I will post it :D

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Zevia Coupons

It's my cola of choice..healthy and calorie free with no chemicals and they have a great coupon out!!
$3 off  a six pack!
Click here for the coupon! Hurry these usually go fast! Find them locally at Kroger and Earth Fare.

Painted Pumpkins

This post is not a recipe or about eating's about having fun! When you feel good, you like to do fun paint pumpkins for a fall display :D..
My fall display is organic ha ha:D That's just by default because my farmer girlie, Wendi, has everything organic, even the hay she sells for displays! 
It's so easy to paint a pumpkin..just use acrylic paint.  You are really supposed to spray them with clear coat of polyurethane or something..but I didn't..
2 nice pumpkins

a black cat..nosey rosey in my pumpkin business

paints and brushes

I drew my idea on the pumpkin with a sharpie first

I mixed brown with white to make a pretty tan

This is my little thing  that makes polka dots so easy

Happy Fall! Have fun decorating!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Eat Clean Chili for fast, so easy..sooo good!!

Remember how I told you if you love a recipe then clean it up? This is my aunt Gerry's recipe for chili. It's really clean anyway, just used the organic ground beef and veggies.

Gerry’s Chili

2 lbs organic ground beef

1 chopped onion     
28 ounce can crushed tomatoes
2  (14 oz) cans of red kidney beans
1 tsp cumin
¼ tsp garlic powder
5 Tbs chili powder
1 Tbs sucanat sugar

1 Tbs vinegar

Salt and pepper to taste

Brown beef and onion in a pan until done. Pour in to a pot and mix with all other ingredients.  Let simmer until warm.  Can also be put in the crock pot on low all day :

Brown beef and onion

My other ingredients

Gerry's yummy finished chili

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Go Greek!!

What is Greek Yogurt?

True Greek yogurt is made differently than traditional yogurt..

  • Both traditional and Greek yogurts start out the same – by fermenting milk with live bacteria cultures.

  • Greek yogurt is created when the yogurt is strained so that the liquid whey is removed. When the whey is gone, the Greek yogurt takes on a thicker, cheesier texture than traditional yogurt.

  • For traditional yogurt, if a cup of milk is used to make the yogurt, one cup of yogurt is produced. In Greek yogurt, it takes more milk to create one cup of yogurt, sometimes up to four cups of milk. This is why true Greek yogurts can be more expensive.

  • Why Go Greek??
    1. Greek yogurt has twice as much protein as regular yogurt.
    2.  Since the whey contains the lactose, when the lactose is strained, the yogurt loses some of its sugar and carbohydrates.  If you are watching your carbohydrate intake or have a sensitivity to carbohydrates like diabetes, then Greek yogurt is your ticket. Regular yogurts have 15 to 17 grams of carbohydrates per cup, where Greek yogurt averages around 9 grams.
    3. Because Greek yogurt contains less carbohydrates than regular yogurt, it has less lactose, the sugar in dairy products that can sometimes upset people's stomachs. This is especially helpful for people who have lactose intolerance.
    4. Greek yogurt can be used for many dishes. Due to its thick texture and rich taste, many people use it as a substitute for milk, sour cream and even use it for baking. I love to use it in baking and a substitute for mayo in chicken salad!!
    Be sure to buy the plain Greek yogurt. If you buy flavored, you will most often get added sugar and other ingredients.  I like to buy plain and add my own ingredients.

    Greek Yogurt Snack Ideas

    Here are a couple of my Greek yogurt snack ideas.  Get creative and add the ingredients you like to keep the Greek yogurt healthy and clean.

    Greek Yogurt With Berries:
    1/2 cup Greek yogurt
    1/2 cup berries (fresh or frozen thawed out will both work)
    1 tablespoon of Truvia (or more to taste)
    I like to heat whatever berries I am using in the microwave for a few minutes to make them more juicy..this is really good with frozen mixed berries warmed in the microwave.  Sometimes, you have to add more truvia depending on how sour the berries are at the time.  Just mix it all together and enjoy!

    Greek yogurt

    strawberries fresh from Glenmary Gardens

    1 tablespoon of truvia the warmed in the microwave

    add the Greek yogurt

    yummy strawberry Greek yogurt

    Greek Yogurt With Chocolate and Granola
    1/2 cup Greek yogurt
    2 tablespoons of cocoa
    1 1/2 tablespoons truvia
    sprinkle of clean granola and semi-sweet chocolate chips

    Mix all together..sometimes I have to add more truvia depending on the brand of cocoa I use...

    add cocoa and truvia to yogurt and stir

    that granola is found at Ingles and called Simply Granola in the cereal isle