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The Queen's Favorite Products

I have a few favorite items that I tend to buy often. If I go to the store and they sell out of this stuff, I am going to be mad I posted this :)  :

1. Stuff to flavor my water so it feels like I drink something besides that. These two items are found at Walmart and Kroger's now.  They are both flavored with it's no calories and all natural.

2.  Vitamin water zero..also sweetened with truvia.  I buy these just about anywhere too.

3.  Zevia:  these are sodas that are sweetened with stevia..I can only find them at Kroger in Kingsport and Earth Fare in Johnson City. They have lots of different favorite tastes like Dr Pepper..

4.  Lunch meat and cheese: Most lunch meats are just awful..full of awful chemicals and nitrates and sodium..these are my favorite and the flavor is worth the extra money..I buy these at ingles. They are with the "special cheeses" and deli refrigerator. They are Applegate and the other ham is hormel..
5.  Coconut Oil : I use this cooking and for just a variety of different things. You can get this at Mac's or Earth Fare..

6. Chips that I like to dip in home made salsa have only been found by my sister-in-law at Earth Fare in the area:

7.  Sea salt..we do not even use regular table salt anymore..I use this in it's has been through less process than salt rock from the ground.

8.  My favorite get really no benefit from iceberg except water: so I love this lettuce..they have it at Food City, Ingles, and sometimes Walmart
9.  I like to make my own peanut butter..well the machine at Ingles does and they even have an organic peanut one:  I add a little sea salt and some honey to it after I get it home..
10.. Bluebell no added sugar chocolate ice cream..Ok..this one has a chemical artificial sweetener, aspartame, in it.   I sometimes will make my own home made ice cream in a pinch. But..let's face it..a girl needs an instant chocolate ice cream fix at certain times..this one does not have the enemy of the calories of added sugar..the sugar on the ingredient list comes from the natural sugar in milk.  If Ingles keeps selling out of this because I post it,  I will hunt you down personally and get some out of your freezers.. Seriously, just ask my mom and sister, it will happen.