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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wrapping Paper Bows

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I like to reuse, recycle, save money, go to yard sales and goodwill...that's all part of being in a "healthy hive" with the Queen B.  This is a simple easy way to use your left over wrapping paper scraps to make the cutest bows. This is 2 sided paper that I bought for 75% off at Sams last year after Christmas, but you  can use one with a white side too.

Here is the wrapped present
Up at the top is some left over scraps
I cut them in to strips about 2 inches wide
 (you can make them smaller for a tighter curl or bigger for a looser curl)
I cut different lengths..about 24 inches and 12 inches
Take the scissors and run down the edge like you would curl a ribbon
this curls the paper. It may not look like it's curled, but it is..lay it down on a table and let it curl up.
Here are a bunch of curls.  whatever side you have up when you run the scissors down it, will
be the side you see the most of.
next...I taped them on top of each other
Here is the final package

Here are a few I did for the boy's gift in another 2 sided paper

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