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Monday, April 9, 2012

Fishing Trip to Ga...Ate Clean Fish right out of the Lake :D

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...well we were close to the edge in the middle of no where :D...We went on a fishing trip to a cabin in the woods on the lake in a state park in Ga..very little cell phone service and no wi apple products needed :D..I wish I could say they didn't play on them at all..but when it's storming at night in the woods with one tv in the cabin, they came out...

My dad always goes fishing every year down in Ga and this year for spring break the boys were finally old enough for him to handle on the big lake fishing all day.  They caught their first bass this time.  He taught them new casting techniques and had them trying to tie knots..the were in boy training.  They haven't mastered holding the big fish they caught in the mouth without the gloves because they are afraid their hands will be scraped to pieces by micro fish teeth like Pap's :D..

It was beautiful weather in the 80's and 90's and the bugs were bigger and the people are slower and everything there is laid back. It's like going back in time.  I felt like I was on an episode of Andy Griffith when all the people at the local grocer (which is 30 min away) asked me at the check out what I was going to do with castor oil and grape seed oil together.  Hmmm good thing I said wash my face and not that I'm constipated ha ha ha :D Not joking, 3 of them, including an 80 year old man behind me in line, asked how to wash your face with that. The old man said "Does it make you glow?"..yep..spreading the oil cleansing method all the way to Elberton, Ga !!

The boys caught 14 fish one day and about 10-12 another day.  They cleaned (well sort cleaned) some their fish and we fixed them for supper.  My mom makes her own fish can just did them in egg and organic corn meal and fry them in olive oil..they are great with garlic seasoning and placed on the George Foreman grill too..we soaked them in milk so they wouldn't taste fishy.

The boys had a great week and missed their daddy because it was tax season and he had to stay home. BOOOO!! We are over tax season.  It was fun just being outside, cooking in the cabin, and being with their pap and grams for a week :D

Here are some photos from our trip!

The dock at our cabin

pap and the boys and the boat
Pap holding their fish
Pap's big fish was about as big as Jacob..she had a really big mouth..he let her go
Yep..I can fish
 Jacob practicing

 Pap teaching how to fish with a lure
 Casting class on the docks
 Me and Joseph fishing for bait
  How to tie a fishing knot
Casting classes
Lots of bluegill coming in for a snack

Storm rolling in that hit Augusta harder

That looks mean

Coming in on the boat
Grammy cooking

The fish..after

Ok..wants roughing it without a smores??? You know the 80/20 rule of eating clean :D

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