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Monday, October 31, 2011

What to do on vacation????

Chad had to go to a seminar in Las Vegas and I tagged along for my birthday. I like to celebrate for a whole month and it just happened that we got there on my birthday. Las Vegas has so much to do and so many wonderful restaurants. What is a girl who tries to eat healthy and not gain weight to do?!?!

So, you think I am going to say to take all this junk with you and find a healthy grocery store or something like that....Nope! You really can't fly with that much stuff ....and..... It's vacation and you try to do what you can and enjoy yourself the rest of the time. REALLY?? Yes! I did take a couple of things in a little cooler on the airplane because I didn't want to eat their junk and pay a bunch on the 4 hr flight out there.  I packed nuts, fruit, and some string cheese. I also took my wheat germ and flax seed meal in baggies so I could add it to my oatmeal.

The trick is portion size.  I tried to eat healthy for breakfast and lunch and then dinner was whatever I wanted.  I took my exercise videos and did the 30 min one of those only two days.   I wanted to do everything there I could and not waste all my time exercising. Plus.. we walked everywhere we went.

For breakfast, I went to the lobby food area, got oatmeal, fruit , and milk and added my flax seed and wheat germ. I also ate and egg and bacon one day.  For lunch, while Chad was in class,  I ate one day with my friend Merideth who lives there and one day ate alone. I had salad and then a whole wheat wrap the other day. The last day, Chad had no classes, he wanted In and Out Burger and we went for it.  I will say a plug for them.  They use only fresh ingredients, healthy oil, cut the potatoes and make their buns from scratch. They are a Christian organization with John 3:16 on the wrappers and cups :D

For dinner..I had whatever I wanted. Yep, every night.  We just ate and had fun.  We ate at 2 buffets, a great little Italian place, the grande lux, and didn't think a thing about it. I tried new things, like a sushi that I finally liked and foods I don't really know what they are, and loved them all.  I ate desserts with sugar in them every night. Do you think I am nuts??!?! Well, its the 80/20 rule. We do this rule in our house a lot. You know, like when you buy a house. It's not going to be perfect, but you have to like 80% and pick your must haves.  So, for eating clean and healthy, it really matters what you do most of the time, having a good time on vacation is not going to make or break your diet. Try to eat 2 meals as healthy as possible and enjoy yourself!   I gained 3 lbs and so now I am doing no carbs for a few days and it will come right off.
Here are some photos and what we ate and did.....
My birthday..Bellagio buffet..some sushi

Chad's dessert plate

My birthday dessert plate

In and Out Burger..yum

These were as big as my hand at the Wicked Spoon Buffet

Too many desserts..just a small portion of this section at The Wicked Spoon

This was not good portion control, ha ha..I did make myself sick and didn't eat all this by the way!

After dinner at the Cosmopolitan and I could still stand up after the sugar overload at The Wicked Spoon
Had to go to Pawn Stars shop for Joseph..he loves this show!

The strip at night..this was in front of NY NY
Frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity


  1. I wish we could go to Vegas together. It looks like you guys got a rental car. We didn't when we went there. The food looks yummy! Those chocolate covered strawberries would probably be the end of me. LOL

  2. no rental car, seriously, he wouldn't pay for that. I walked around everywhere, and then when we went to the in and out burger and pawn, we bought one of those all day bus tickets that you could get on and off all day and goes from one end of the strip to the other. Goes to the outlet malls and all the way to old downtown..$7 :D...the strawberries were from heaven..dipped in dark chocolate and and then in heath bar on one side.....