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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Don't Be a Scaredy Cat Cook...turn your favorite recipes clean

Don't cook like a scaredy cat! I love to mix stuff up, make it clean, cook my own foods.  Really, it's not hard. To be afraid to mess up or try new things.  Everything I try, doesn't turn out. who cares?!?! At least I try:)
Do you have a favorite recipe? Give it to me...I will clean it up. It's so easy. Take the eat clean principles and apply them to the recipe.

I have done it with many things I have posted on here. (only the things that turn out good)
If you don't know how to clean up a the recipe and put the word "clean" in front of it and see what comes up.

Most of the time,if I have a family recipe or a food that I just love.. I just change the ingredients myself to healthy ones. Canola oil or olive oil or butter for the oils, sucanat or honey or truvia for the sugar, I use whole eggs instead of just the whites, I use whole wheat instead of white, yogurt instead of mayo, and it's that simple....Sometimes I add flax seed or wheat germ or protein powder to make super heatlhy...

Send me a recipe if you want me to clean it up :)

Click on the recipes to see lots of clean items..stay tuned my pumpkin muffins are coming..they turned out dry so I made adjustments :p

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