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Friday, January 20, 2012

B's Tea's

All Queen's have tea time, right!?!  My new winter obsession is hot tea.  They are so good, warm me up, and help get my get that hard to get water in.  There are lots of great choices out there with a huge list of health benefits!!  I do drink caffeinated in the morning and... Yes, I have to drink decaf after lunch because I will be up on night now!  When did this happen!?!?  I am not anti caffeine ..but I do limit it to once a day. are a few of my favorites and let me review their benefits at the end...

Yogi Detox Tea

Full of purifying herbs burdock and organic dandelion to support the liver. Juniper berry aids kidney function. The traditional Ayurvedic cleansing blend called “trikatu” (ginger, black pepper, and long pepper) aids blood flow, while Indian sarsaparilla adds spicy flavor. Helps to rid the body of impurities.  I drink this every morning mixed with the one below.  I put these two kinds in the same water. See my cup above with the two tags hanging out :D

Tazo Zen
Tazo's Zen Green Tea contains the following ingredients : green tea, lemon verbena, spearmint and natural flavors.  This is the perfect green tea for people who are either new to drinking green tea or for those who currently have never had a tasty green tea before. This is my FAVORITE Green tea!! I have tried a lot.  See green tea benefits below.  There is a non caffeine version of tazo green, but I drink this in the morning.

Tazo Wild Sweet Orange
One of my new favorites. This is decaf and it has a wonderful flavor.  This is great in the afternoon and evening.  In here is found Blackberry leaves, lemongrass, spearmint, rose chips, orange peel, rose petal, saffron, hibiscus flower, ginger, citric acid, natural flavors and natural orange essence.  This tea needs no is wonderful on it's own. LOVE IT!!

Garden of the Andes Rose hip and HibiscusGarden of the Andes Organic Herb Tea, Rose Hip
Garden of Andes Rose Hip" is a non-caffeine herb tea produced in land rich in minerals and water in Andes. Secret of its sweet and sour taste is rich vitamins and minerals. Rose hip contains vitamin C of 20 lemons, β carotene which is found in plenty in carrot and tomatoes, 8 times of calcium from milk, 2 times of iron of Spinach so this herb is referred as treasure house of nutrients.  That's what is says on the box :D

Guayaki Yerba Mate
Yerba mate is a beverage made from the leaves and stems of a powerful rain forest tree, native to the subtropical rain forests of Paraguay.  Yerba mate has been shown to include anti-inflammatory and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol-lowering properties that help aid in the prevention of diabetes and heart disease.  I drink this sometimes.  It's a very strong tea..some countries drink this more that coffee.  Tired and need a pick me up in the morning sometime?? Try this one if you don't like coffee.  I don't like coffee at all..

Celestral Seasoning Sleepytime Green with Jasmine
I will sometimes drink this is the evenings.  We've added smooth, decaf green tea and enchantingly fragrant jasmine to Sleepytime's blend of floral chamomile, cool spearmint and lively lemongrass. This calming green tea is a delightful new way to wind down your day with Sleepytime.. That's what the box says...

Benefits for Tea Drinkers
Currently, tea in the form of green or black tea, next to water, is the most widely consumed beverage in the world.  Teas contain polyphenols which act as antioxidants and exhibit numerous biochemical activities. Tea polyphenols consist mostly of catechins, the most powerful of which is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is found only in green tea. Since ancient times green tea has been considered a health-promoting beverage and currently researchers find more convincing proof of its healing qualities.

Green Tea: Increase in Metabolism. protects against cancer, helps lower cholesterol levels, slows down the aging process, helps prevent acne and wrinkles, strengthens immunity, eases joint pain, protects cardiovascular system. Comes in decaf :D..
Green tea is made using the leaves of the Chinese Camellia sinensis plant that are then applied to heat quickly after picking, either by steam or by dry cooking in hot pans. These methods minimizes oxidation, which is what is thought to give the green tea benefits we have heard so much about.

Hibiscus: Hibiscus is a natural diuretic and has been used traditionally to stimulate appetite and soothe sore throats, coughs and digestive discomfort. Teas made with hibiscus are recommended to ease urinary tract problems.  Hibiscus contains antioxidants that help control and lower cholesterol.

Lemongrass:  West Indian lemongrass is another ingredient that gives Lemon Zinger its tangy citrus flavor. It is a folk remedy used in different parts of the world to treat a variety of conditions such as fevers, colds, flu, gingivitis, headache, cramps, inflammation, pain, stiffness and water retention. Lemongrass contains a substance called citral -- also found in lemon peels -- that aids digestion.

One health benefit of lemongrass in tea is that it is an effective and safe diuretic. It is also used to cleanse and detoxify internal organs and to help improve blood circulation and lactation in nursing mothers.

Rose Hips
Rose hips are the seed-filled pods at the base of rose blossoms.  Rose hips have a higher vitamin C content than most citrus fruits, and are known for bolstering the immune system. Teas that use rose hips have been used traditionally to increase the body's resistance to disease and to treat colds and flu symptoms. Rose hips in tea may act as a diuretic and mild laxative. The anti-inflammatory qualities may ease pain and joint stiffness.
Dried Lemon, Lemon Peel and Orange Peel:  Orange peel tea was used traditionally as an appetite stimulant and a digestive aid, and it is known for boosting the immune system.

Lemon and lemon peel contains nutrients such as vitamin C, thiamine, limonene, carbohydrate, calcium, protein, phosphorus, potassium, riboflavin and sodium. Lemon and lemon peel act as a diuretic and strengthen the immune system, treat and prevent vitamin deficiencies, help relieve symptoms of varicose veins and circulation problems.

This are just a few of the main ingredients in the teas I drink..there are a large amount of beneficial herbs in the detox tea that would take me hours to write on :D ..just trust me on that's great!!

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