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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Using What you Have..Our Baby Shower Craft Idea

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Part of  having a healthy hive in this house uses the motto "reduce, reuse, recycle".  That's probably why I love yard sales so much!
Most of you know that my sister is pregnant with of each.  At her baby shower we made a craft instead of playing a game.  We used what we had to make some really cute onsies.  We cut out fabric in shapes and used fabric glue to put them on.  The fabric came from my grandparent's basement and was my mamaw's from when she worked at the old Remnant Shop.  She saved everything so we had lots to choose from.  So, not only are they cute and resourceful..they have meaning.  The kids loved it to and they all made one too with our help.  They turned out great!

We bought the onsies at Ross really cheap.  We drew out our ideas on paper and cut out the design.  We placed the cut out paper on top of the fabric to use as a guide for cutting it.  Then, we glued the pieces on the onsie with fabric glue.  We placed a piece of paper in the onsie to keep the glue from sticking the onsie together.  They dry very quickly!!

our fabrics

craft supplies

These are Megan, Joseph's, and Jacob's
These are Cyrena and Catrina's
These are Karrie and Natalie's and another one of Meg's
 These are another set of Cyrena and Catrina
These are Brooke's
These are mine and another one of Brooke's
 here they are all working
 Here are the pom pom things me and my sister made

Just for are some other shower photos!
 The cakes!
 Holly and my nieghbor Brooke and their cute little bellies :D

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