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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eat Clean Chicken Salad Recipe for One with Greek Yogurt!!

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This is a great, quick and easy recipe for chicken salad for one person!! Well, you can double it for two ha ha :D No one in this house likes chicken salad but me.  So..I can make one portion just for me....not a big batch that will go bad before I get it all eaten!!
This can be eaten on bread or placed on top of romaine for a salad!! I love it on my homemade bread.  You can whip this up and take it to work for a lunch on the go.

Eat Clean Chicken Salad for One With Greek Yogurt
1 cooked chicken breast chopped
1 organic celery stalk
10-15 red seedless organic grapes
1 Tbsp chopped pecans
1 tsp balsamic vinegar
1tsp honey
1tsp chia seeds
2 Tbsp Greek Yogurt
sea salt to taste (optional)

I like to cook my chicken by boiling it.  Chop up all ingredients, put them in a bowl, stir them up, ENJOY! How easy is that!!
boil chicken

all my ingredients

chop it all up and place in bowl

see chia seed post for great benefits from this little seed

Mix it all up

put it on bread or on top of romaine lettuce..YUMMY!!!

I add sea salt to taste.  I am a salt lover sodium was below normal from my last labs so just be body craves what it needs :D,Chad!! :D

I like to use this chicken because they are individually sealed breast..easy to freeze and lay out one breast at a time.

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