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Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Papaw Joe

This is a picture from just a few weeks ago of me and my 98 year old Papaw Joe.  Most of you may have noticed that I haven't posted in about 2 weeks.  My papaw went to be with Jesus and my mamaw in heaven on Thursday.  It has been a rough few weeks for us all.  I have not posted because I have spent all my time with him and my family.  He was 98 and fell and hit his head while living at home still.  He suffered a brain bleed and his conditioned worsened throughout the week and he passed away. 

He is a model for what healthy eating and hard work will do for you.  He ate clean most of his life, he just didn't know what is was called.  He worked in his own garden and he had his own bees for honey and his family had animals on a farm.  He and my mamaw never ate out.  The cooked it all from scratch.  He taught our family how to be thrifty, how to save everything, how to love nature and God's creations.  He loved animals and gardening.  He took care of what he had.  He taught my boys how to be shooting bb guns, cutting stuff with pocket knives, using the potty outside, taking everything apart with screwdrivers, hammering stuff with nails, picking up bugs, getting really name it, they did it.  My nick name came from him..he used to call me his honey bee when I was little.  Not because I helped him with bees, ha ha..but because I thought I wanted to help him with bees.   He and my mamaw made me a little bee suit and when I went to smoke them with him...I cried and ran inside never to mess with the bees again.  To this day..I'm actually terrified of bees :D  So..he called me his little honey know..because I tried...

I was blessed to have him in my life for 36 years and my boys were so blessed to have him in their life as long as they did.  To be 98 and only suffer with one week of bad health is a miracle itself.  The most important gift my papaw gave my family was the gift of Jesus.  He and my mamaw were Christians and attend church every time the doors were open.  He was the oldest member of his church and was there for over 65 years.  My papaw got to see all of his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren accept Jesus and be baptized.  There is no greater gift.  While I already miss him dearly, he is where he needs to heaven..where there are no more tears, no more suffering, no more pain..just joy and happiness. Thank you Papaw for your gifts to me.


  1. I'm sorry to hear of your family's loss. .... It is always comforting to know a loved one is indescribably happy in Heaven but it doesn't mean it's still not hard. I will send some prayers your way :)

  2. What a beautiful testimony,Brandy. Thank you for sharing that with us :) Hope you all are doing well dealing with his loss. (((HUGS)))