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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My ♥ Loves Chocolate!!

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Happy Valentine's Day!! Lot's of people get chocolate treats today!  Well my ♥ Loves chocolate and so does my mouth!  Chocolate is very good for..but not all chocolate is created equal.
The beneficial effects of chocolate are likely due to its antioxidants, called polyphenols, which may help to protect against heart disease.
According to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, in terms of healthy antioxidant content, the chocolate hierarchy in order from best to worst is:

  • Cocoa powder
  • Unsweetened baking chocolate
  • Dark chocolate
  • Semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Milk chocolate.
  • Chocolate syrup

Dark chocolate is one of the richest sources of polyphenols. A 40-gram portion of dark chocolate contains 400 to 800 miligrams of polyphenols.  For the best antioxident a chocolate that is 70% or higher in cocoa.
I know there are some milk chocolate lover's out there..dark chocolate is an aquired try it!! You will love it!   Let me tell you why to go dark!!.... in addition to being lowest in antioxidants, some studies have indicated that the milk in milk chocolate might cancel out some of chocolate’s antioxidant effects by binding to polyphenols and preventing their absorption by the body. Milk chocolate is also typically loaded with much more sugar than darker chocolate.
Remember to read the labels and watch for added ingredients, also paying attention to the sugar and fat. And always remember to enjoy it all in moderation.

Some other little chocolate perks..
Lowers blood pressure
decreases stress
improves blood circulation
boosts immunity
decreases cholesterol levels
helps with depression
enhances the production of endorphins which results in good feelings

For added bonus and fiber..try some dark chocolate covered nuts and berries..
I got this one with 88% cocoa at Mccoy's salvage for 79 cents..yah me! I eat about 3 squares out of this bar at a time every few days.
There are lots of good one's at there!! Some come in bars and some come in little squares...

Enjoy your chocolate treats!!

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