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Friday, February 10, 2012

Making Can Green Beans taste like Fresh Green Beans

I know what you are thinking! Is she seriously going to tell us how to cook canned green beans?!!? Yuuppp! (as my boy fans of storage wars always say)!!

I like fresh green beans from the garden..but they just aren't possible all year round.  I don't like just heated up beans from a can. So..what is a girl to do??

My friend Cyrena brought me some when my papaw passed away from a can and they were wonderful! She said it's all about how you cook them.  I did not believe they were from a can.  She said "treat the beans like they are fresh and cook them the same way"..Hmmm..won't they be mushy by the time I am done because they aren't garden raw and fresh..NOPE!!! is what I did.  I cooked three cans for my whole 9 of us at my sister's.

Canned Green Beans that Taste Like Fresh
3 cans organic canned green beans
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 pieces of organic nitrate hormone free bacon..applegate farms or hormel at ingles
enough water to completely cover the beans
sea salt to taste

Drain and Rinse the beans out of the can..this is an important step.  Pour the beans in a pot and cover them with water.  Season with olive oil and salt.  Place the bacon in the pot and stir it all up.  Bring to a boil then turn down to medium heat.  COOK FOR ONE HOUR on stove top.  I stirred mine a little and checked to make sure the water wasn't all gone.  You want the water to almost be all gone by the time they are done..I didn't have to add any extra.  Another way my friend Cyrena does it is by doing the same thing, only placing them in the crock pot all day while she is gone.  Smart :D  These were great!!!!
Organic beans from Ingles

Bean in my pot

bring it to boil

yummy canned healthy green beans

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  1. Also cook the beans with a little fat back. Works like a charm