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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Babies..... x2

So this is not about eating..but it is organic and all natural..ha ha :D!!
These are the newest addition to our family!! I haven't posted much this week because we have been really busy with what came yesterday!!  My sister was scheduled for her c-section on March 9th and just like clock work..they decided to try to come on their scheduled day.  She started labor at 4 am and they were born at 8:24 and 8:25 by c-section.  The full moon and spring equinox making brooms stand up must have pulled them to come on their day anyway.. :D

Brooklyn Saige is the oldest (by one minute) and weighs 6lbs and 3 ounces and is 19 inches long.  She came out squalling and mad and tried to suck her hand and arm off in the nursery ....until they finally had to give her some milk!! She loves to eat already!! A girl after my own heart.  She is already a little high maintenance and  requires more attention.  She is not happy when she is hungry or her diaper isn't just perfect.

Kelton  Michael is the little brother, but weighs in at 6 lbs  and 12 ounces and is 20 1/4 inches long.  He doesn't have a care in the world and while sister screamed...he literally laid with his arms behind his head baking under the warm lights wondering what her problem was...true boy!  He is very calm and not troubled by eating or a dirty diaper..he just likes to look around and sleep!!

One looks like a mini Holly and one looks like a mini Jason.  But.....I think the big sister, Meg, just might be the proudest of all.  While her mommy was sick and vomiting all day with a book full of medicine on board to try and stop it, Meg took over to feed, clothe, and diaper babies and would not leave the hospital until it was time for her to go to sleep last night :D...what a good big sister!!  She will be called mommy #2!

I will post a recipe or some kind of healthy related item soon..but for the weekend!  I have lots of love and kisses to be giving x 2 !!

I am working on my photography and photoshop skills! I love it! It's so fun!! I might even start me a business for that soon! Here are a few from yesterday!

I got her some "unhealthy" cupcakes to eat when she feels better!!
Remember the 80/20 rule?? This is the 20% thing going on here!!


  1. Absolutely FABULOUS!!!! Loved every word!!!!
    Such a blessing! Congratulations to all.
    Judy Hall

    1. Thanks Judy!! They are so snuggly and sweet..the don't like to be apart..twins are so fascinating!

  2. So sweet! I enjoyed reading your story. Congrats on your new niece and nephew. I knew Megan would be a Great Big Sis!