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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Arsenic in Apple Juice...featured yesterday on Dr Oz

Arsenic in Apple Juice!?!?

My mom called my yesterday and said "Flip on Dr Oz..there is arsenic in juice boxes"  I try to do everything I can to keep my family and kids healthy and decrease chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, and sugar in our foods.  Apple juices and sauces are a great way to mix in to recipes and mix with water to decrease sugar, so I was mad! 

You may have seen this picture on my blog:
This is a juice that is mixed with vegetable juice and is low and sugar..they have a pledge of purity on the side of this box that states "This product is made with pure fruit and vegetable juices. There are no added sugars, preservatives, or artificial colors" arsenic is not on that pledge apparently! This product is not organic, but I don't buy everything organic, I just read the labels and make an educated decision.

I watched Dr oz and I was appalled! They took juice boxes out of people's bags and tested them..mine, picture above was one.  Guess what..motz, gerber, juicy juice, minute maid. apple & eve products....all arsenic laden! where does it come from and what other juices is it in and what can I buy and what does arsenic do??? I have researched and watched some info and I have some answers! this is the website for the Dr Oz show. They have the brands listed in order and the test results!

What Does Arsenic Do To The Body?

  • Arsenic disrupts adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) which is multifunctional nucleotide critical for normal body functioning.
  • Arsenic enters the body through the intestinal tract and can be eliminated in small enough amounts. Otherwise, it is transported throughout the body and is stored in many locations including internal organs as well as skin, nails and hair.
  • It can contribute to a weakened immune system, cancer, weak liver function and bowel disease.
Where Does in Come from in Juice?

Arsenic is a natural element which behaves like a metal. It is present in the environment both naturally and due to certain human activities.  There are two types of and inorganic. 

Scientists say arsenic is a naturally occurring substance, and is so abundant in the Earth's soil that it often ends up in many of the foods we eat. However, experts make a distinction between this abundant organic arsenic, which is harmless, and inorganic arsenic, which can be found in some pesticides and other chemicals.

So how did it get in apple juice?? Well, look  at the statement above..pesticides.  While your juice may be packaged or "made in USA" the concentrate comes from china where the standards on pesticides are not regulated.  So we and our children are drinking the unsafe kind of arsenic.  Why is the concentrate not being tested and regulated? Because, there are no standards set in place for that if the end product..the finished here in the US. That is insane! Thanks to the Dr Oz show, the FDA is doing a full investigation.  I am not sure if applesauce is made from a concentrate, they did mention that these were not tested, just juices.

What to do now?
On the show, the organic apple juices DID NOT have unsafe levels of arsenic..BUY YOUR APPLES AND APPLE PRODUCTS ORGANIC.  This also includes GRAPES!  These fruits are on the dirty dozen for having a high amount of pesticide absorption. This should have been thought of and regulated a long time ago.
I do buy organic juice most of the time, but the juice box above label looked safe, was low in sugar, and mixed with veggie juice, so I bought it.  I wrote on their fb wall for their company and they responded back that their china and Argentina concentrates that they use are safe, ha ha, yes right.
Here is a good video to watch from a new channel who talked to poison control :

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