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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dragon Boat Race

If you eat clean and healthy, you will feel better! I know, some people will say they don't feel bad.  I didn't know I felt bad until I felt good. It's funny, but true.  Two years ago, I watched people row in this and thought, "Whew, glad that's not me!" This year I was glad is was me and that Chad and I feel good enough to row a boat to help fund oncology at Mountain States.
We rowed as part of his firm's 50 Weeks of Giving for their 50 year anniversary of the firm.  It was cold and rainy this morning and we rowed our first race in the rain. I was a trooper and didn't cry about the rain..I just got in the car with the heater and dried all off. (Had the frizzy rained on hair all day too)...   Our second race was sunny and warm!  Just the way I like it! We placed in the top 18 and got to row again for a third time.  We finished in the top half and had a great day...feeling good!!! The boys got to come and watch us and cheer us on..(thanks to Nikki for keeping up with them).  What a great thing to teach children...raise money, being fit, and having fun!!!

Just a little side note...I hope that we can move our arms tomorrow!!

There we all are..rowing hard!!

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