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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Fun..get active and get going!

Part of eating clean and healthy is being active.  We didn't sit around in the rain on Labor Day, we got out on a family adventure.  We drove to Asheville, spent the night, went to hot springs before bed and took the boys.  They had fun in the spas and filling up jugs of spring water.  The next day we went in the rain to our next stop.  We went to Spruce Pine, Nc.  It is about 1hr 20 min from our house in Kingsport.  We went to Emerald Village.

I went on a field trip here in 7th grade..a long time ago.  It is beautiful..the ride would have been much prettier without the down pouring rain and fog at the top.  You can pan for gold, do the gemstone buckets, go inside the old mine and museum.  The boys had and great time!
This is where you hunt for gems in your buckets you purchase.
It poured the rain but we were under this cover.

Here are the boys with some of their treasures

Here is some of the mine tours.  The rain stopped to a sprinkle, long enough to walk to the mines.
There are several different you can go inside. 
They are on both sides of the roadway.  Spruce Pine is known as the mineral capital.

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