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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kingsport Farmer's Market..part of my Saturday morning adventures

If you haven't visit your local farmer's market you are missing out ! Most of the prices are cheaper and the fruits and veggies are so good.  You can even talk to the farmer himself about how he raises his produce.
You will find organic baked goods, honey, produce, pork, eggs, jellies and jams..all from your local farmers.
In Kingsport, the new building was open today....which means a lot of shade.  That was nice since it was so hot this morning.  Our routine is to walk through, look at it all, the go back and make our purchases. 
Today's purchases:
These are 2 different kinds of apples, golden gala and honey crisp, peppers, cantaloupe, pears, and the Appalachian Fair winner first place blackberry honey.  The honey is from bees who have fed on the nectar from a blackberry blossom. They obviously had lots more than this, but I am stocked up on a few things right now from my own my pretty tomatoes.
I talked to a man today who is getting me an apple tree.  Joseph has gardening in his blood.  He is named after his papaw Joe.  He has begged us to let him plant an apple tree for months.   He wants Transparent apples, like the ones my mamaw used to peel for him.  They would sit and eat them all afternoon with my papaw.  They are on old apple, hard find.  But...I met a guy this morning who will sell me a tree for Joseph.  It isn't ready to plant yet, so I will be picking it up in Nov..we are excited!
I will also post some from the Blountville Farmer's Market which is new and is on Thursdays.  You should visit your local farmer's markets.  It's an adventure and you get to meet some really nice, sweet people and enjoy their crops :)

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