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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why turkey bacon is bad....

Turkey Bacon vs. Pork Bacon

If you are going to eat bacon, which I do when I do my low carb days, eat pork bacon.  Why?? This is where reading your nutrition labels and knowing what to look for is so important.  First of all, turkey has to go through a lot of process to "look" like pork bacon.  Additionally, while turkey is indeed a leaner meat, turkey bacon isn’t made from 100 percent bird: One look at the ingredients list will show a long line of suspicious additives and extras that can’t possibly add anything of nutritional value  It's also higher in sodium and preservatives, and you are not saving many, if any,  fat grams if you look at the label. 
Pork bacon is just that..pork bacon. Stick to foods the way God made them.. bacon comes from a pig.  There are healthier choices of pork bacon.  Look for nitrate free and organic bacon.  Apple Valley and Hormel are both good brands available at Ingles.  It has low fat grams and low sodium, which comes from sea and celery salts instead of nitrates.  I like to fry a whole batch up and keep it in a container ready to heat.  Ready made bacon is full of sodium nitrates and preservatives so fry up your own.

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