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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bam Burger..a quick dinner idea

Bam Burger Dinner Idea
I like saying that..BAM! It is from Emerill. I use his bam burger on my organic grass fed beef.
So here is what I did for dinner tonight

Bam Burger on whole wheat buns.. since this posted I am no longer eating grain I do not use a bun..I use ezekiel bread english muffins from the freezer section
Broccoli in the Pampered Chef Steamer
Bush's Baked Beans..yes they have a cleaned up version with healthy ing. watch the portion size due to the sugar...

See Emerill's Bam Burger Spice and my merita whole wheat buns.
We use the sprinkle the hamburger meat with bam and use the outside grill or the George foreman

I like these bags of broccoli from Inles.. I pour out what I want in to the pampered chef
steamer.  A little water and sea salt...
Three minutes on the microwave and have fresh organic steamed broccoli and I didn't have to cut it up!
These are the beans I like to chemicals here
Yummy, healthy, quick dinner

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