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Thursday, August 18, 2011


This is me and my papaw last weekend at a family reunion.  He is 98 years old today.  Is that good genes or healthy living??? Some of both, I would say.
 My mamaw was 92 when she passed away a couple of years ago.  They ate clean, but they didn't know what that meant.  They raised their own fruits and veggies in their garden.  This is the first year papaw hasn't been able to do one, so we all have one and he gives us advice on when to plant and what we are doing wrong ;).. He still has a grape vine at his house that it's about to time to rob :)  They also raised their own chickens for eggs and meat.  They slaughtered cattle and hogs and had farm fresh milk.  They were poor and grew up in Ft Blackmore Va.
 They didn't know they were eating healthy clean foods, this was their way of life.  After my papaw got a job at Eastman and moved to Kingsport, my grandmother still always cooked all their food, they NEVER ate out.  They didn't like restaurant food. He had his garden in the city of Kingsport, their whole back yard and some of the neighbors and all the way down the bank. 
Papaw had bee's too.  He called me his little honey bee, he still does, he doesn't address me as the Queen B :0)  He had lots of bee hives, right in the back yard near DB high school.  People called him from all over to come get swarms off their houses, cars, trees, even the mall called him once to get a swarm.  He and mamaw made me a bee outfit to help him smoke the bees and rob honey..I wore that only once. That was scary to a 5 yr old girl :)
I love my papaw and wish him and very happy birthday today! He is a model of healthy eating! He still lives at home, he is on oxygen and has a pacemaker and that's about it for medical problems.  We will celebrate later this weekend with him..He is requesting I fry apple pies homemade for him instead of a cake.  They will be made from fresh ground  flour and from apples from his tree :) I will post them later when I make them.

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  1. What a great heritage! So sweet. You have lots of great memories with him. My great-grandfather lived to be 102 (died in 1996). The apple pies sound delicious!