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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kefir..the second fermentation

So my kefir tastes a little sour to me unless I am using it in recipes and then it's good.  So..if you make your own kefir or want to start, I found a little tid bit of info on it at these two sites and this one is the kefir guru of the world..Dom.

Anyway..the trick to a more smooth non-sour tasting kefir is a second ferment of which I am doing today..

So here is the recipe:
After you strain your grains..take your kefir milk and add the peel of about half of an organic lemon. If you don't have an organic lemon, just put your lemon in boiling water for about 30 seconds.  Place the lemon peel in the jar with a closed lip clasp on it. ( I don't know why, it just said to do it) Leave it fermenting on the counter for about half or a whole day. Place in the fridge and enjoy the pleasant taste.  You may also do this with an orange..I'm just a lemon girl myself ...
kefir grains
stained kefir milk
staining the grains out

Use a zester or a veggie peeler to peel the lemon
veggie peeler works too

put lemon zest on top of strained kefir milk

Place in a snap lid glass jar and leave out about half or a whole day then place in fridge and enjoy

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