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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Supplements Fit for A Queen..

I have a list of favorite things that I take personally.  For me, I'm 35..getting pimples and wrinkles at the same time and trying to keep off weight.  It's so fun!!  I have a few supplements that I take on a daily basis.  Where did I get my info on what someone in their 30's should take..books, Internet, my dermatologist, Dr. Tom Rogers.( He and Dr Oz are two of my favorite Dr peeps).

So here is my stuff:

  1. The first item up there is a multi-vitamin..women's one a day from Walmart
  2. Vitamin here to learn of all it's great benefits..too many to list..I personally take it for the skin benefits and the immune building. I like the chewables,personally, I like orange flavored stuff :)
  3. Sublingual b12- as we age, our b12 decreases due to our bodies ability to absorb it.   If you take a b12 shot, that is the best route. I was getting a shot once a month, but I am taking the sublingual (dissolves under your tongue). They are cherry flavored and are sometimes hard to find..these came from Walgreens. If you just swallow a pill, you won't absorb it, so don't waste your money.  If you want to know if your b12 is low, most dr's are now drawing and checking those levels on us 30 something people and older.  It helps with metabolism and energy..oh give me a bath in it please!

These next 3..I took a picture of up close. I order them online.  They have them at Mac's in Kingsport, but they are sooo much cheaper to order online.

4.  NSI Alpha Lipoic Acid & Acetyl L-Carnitine HCl -- 700 mg - 240 on does so many different's too  much to list...I mainly like it for the metabolism and energy benifits.

5.Hyaluronic Acid this occurs naturally in the we age,  it decreases..what does it do??...a lot ! I pesonally take it for the skin benefits..recommended by Dr Sago, my wonderful dermatologist.  It help firm skin....On your face, on your belly after you lose weight, everywhere!!! It doesn't work in products that are creams, you have to take it orally.

6. Probiotics..most of you have heard and you know how great these are for digestion. I am getting ready to make my own next week. Huh?? Yep..getting grains from a friend at church to make kefir..I will post that when I make it next week.

7. Magnesium..a lot of our populaiton is defiecient in this aids with a number of body of which is sleep. I take this before bed.  As we age our magnesim levels decrease.

8. That last one is vitamin d ..due to all our sunblocks and getting less sunlight from being indoors, and our absorption of it decreasing with age.  My peditrician and dermatoligt recommend taking a supplement for me and our children too.  All the children out there with skin problems like eczema other  sensative skin issues can often be linked to a low vitamin d level. It's worse in the winter time since the daylight hours are shorter and we are inside more.


  1. Ingles has the sublingual B12 - I have took it for at least a year and it was by one get one free a few weeks ago! Also I use the Viamin C complex from BeautiControl on my face its pure Vit C and it has improved all my age spots is wonderful for you skin.

  2. Great info Brandi. BeautiControl products are one of the best! Also for those out there taking tons of calcium...they need to know they can't absorb all of that and it deposits in breasts and on joints...we have to be careful!