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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How and why did I start "eating clean"

So how did I get here? Why am I starting this blog? Well, Since you asked...because it's a long hard struggle to lose weight, eat healthy, and keep it off. So I thought it might help others. I used to eat whatever I wanted, never worried about it. I thought if I was a good weight, I was healthy....wrong..and it catches up with you. Skinny people have heart attacks every day. I saw them in the ER when I worked there day in and day out.  So what happened to me?..I had 2 children and my body was never the same. Suddenly, everything I ate went straight to my belly and hips..ahhhhh!! I wasn't putting much thought as to what I put in to my body and something needed to change.
So what did I do? Well for 10 years I tried everything. From weight watchers, to south beach diet, pills off the Internet, you name it, I tried it. Sure, some would help me lose about 5-10 lbs, but then I was stuck. I did abs of the steel, the firm, turbo jam, p90x, insanity, I walked, I ran...Why could I not lose the extra 35 lbs I carried?? I made muscles and kept the fat..what in the world?!?!
So..I met Dr Tom Rogers who own Performance Medicine. I got vitatrim shots that he makes up. I lost some, but...stuck again. So he tells me about the hcg diet. It's controversial..but it's healthy, natural, and the weight loss is rapid and it stays off...but it's 500 calories. No way!...500 calories, please..that's not good or healthy..or is it??? I went to one of his free seminars on a Thursday night and watched his video much like this one here ..hcg video Then a friend from college said she did it and it was wonderful. She wasn't hungry, she felt better when doing it, and she lost 20lbs and kept it off. It wasn't about the 500 calories, it sounds scary, but you eat a lot of low calorie foods. It teaches you to read labels and watch for the amount of sugar hidden in ingredients in EVERYTHING!! So I did it and...lost 35 lbs total. The diet itself taught me to read labels, not eat chemicals, eat clean, prepare my foods, make up new recipes....So here I am..
I cleaned out my cabinets of all refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup. If  products had an ingredient that I couldn't went in a box. My kids did better in school, they weren't as cranky and tired, and we all felt better!!  I started cooking things from fresh ingredients. I started to realize there are good exercise programs out there that will tone your body by mixing strength training and cardio for just 30 minutes a day.
And that's why I started clean eating. If you eat the way God intended us to, it makes all the difference in the world. I will be posting my findings about how scripture relates to what we eat.  Companies strip and add things to make it look better, improve shelf life, make it more economically.  In return, our bodies suffer.

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