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Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's 80% Nutrition 10% Genetics 10% training...

Benefits from Clean Eating
What's the point of doing all this clean eating? I do it for many reasons.  Did you know how your body functions and feels, and how healthy you are, and where your physique comes from is 80% nutrition.  WOW! That's a great reason to start eating clean. I got that data from the statistics and research from the The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged: Lasting Fat Loss That's Better than Ever! Tell me why people in the hospital lose weight when they are unable to eat for days..not from the hard training and working out, but from the lack of food.  Nutrition plays the biggest role in our physique.

Here is a list of benefits from clean eating, in order of my personal favorites..
  1. ENERGY!! The first thing I noticed after a week of clean eating is energy! I feel better in my 30's than I did in my 20's.  I have the energy to do all the things my kids are doing and I feel great.  I am rowing in Sept in a the dragon boat race with Chad. Why?!? Because we have the energy to do it and we can :)
  2. Fat Loss and weight control-I started this way of eating as a maintenance for all the weight I had lost with the hcg diet.  After I started this, I lost more weight and started feeling great.  This is not a "di-et" for me it is a 'Live-it".. Personally for me, I feel sick at my stomach and I will gain about 3 lbs if I stray off this a day or two because of functions and our busy lives.  That is why for me personally, I like to be prepared for those events.
  3. My skin glows. I had pimples and wrinkles coming at the same time.  I started on this and my skin has greatly improved..again if I get busy and stray a few days..PIMPLES come and my skin feels horrible. 
  4. Hair and Nails. My nails are finally growing and strong and my hair is shinier and stronger.
  5. Natural don't have to drink a liquid concoction to detox your body.  When you eat clean, the way God intended, your body naturally rids itself of unnatural poisons. If you have a headache and feel tired the first couple of days of this glad your body is getting rid of toxins you've been pumping in to it.
  6. EYES..It makes the whites of your eyes whiter, and the dark circles and puffiness under my eyes..gone!
These are enough benefits for me to change the way I eat..I am by no means an authority on this or a super model in looks, but I feel great and that makes all the difference to me in the world :)

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