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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why Drinking Skim Milk Makes Us Fat


What? Skim milk makes us fat? The big fad for a while was low fat everything. Doesn't fat makes us fat and cause high blood pressure and cholesterol and heart disease? NO! Not good fats! The American Obesity and Childhood Obesity and cholesterol and heart problem issues continue to rise. Sugar makes us fat not healthy fats. Healthy Fats, like the kind found in milk, actually decrease our cholesterol, our cravings for sugar, and help lower weight as well.  Ask your parents and grandparents and their grandparents what kind of milk they drank.  Heart disease and obesity has risen since the introduction of low fat products, that includes milk. The American Pediatric Association recommended whole milk, then skim milk, then whole milk. Why all the confusion?  The craze of low fat and the increase in obesity led to a lot of recent studies.  They have found that it causes an increase in weight. Here is why...

First of all skim milk would be blue if they didn't add something to it for the stuff they took away! Oh nasty.  Milk shouldn't be blue.To turn skim milk white, "some companies fortify their product with powdered skim," says Bob Roberts, a dairy scientist at Penn State. Powdered skim (which is also added to organic low-fat milks) is produced by spraying the liquid under heat and high pressure, a process that oxidizes the cholesterol. In animal studies, oxidized cholesterol triggers a host of biological changes, leading to plaque formation in the arteries and heart disease.  That's nice.

Another reason is that a decrease in fat content means your body needs something in it's place.  Your body starts to crave carbs and sugar to replace the fat that is missing in your diet.  If you read the label on skim milk verses whole will see that the sugar content stays the same or actually in some brands goes up per serving and the calories and fat are the only thing that go down in skim milk.  So what's that mean..that is where our bodies get confused and get the sugar content without the satisfying healthy fats.
If you drink milk the way it comes from the cow or goat, it will be healthier because God made it that way.  When you put food through processes to try to "improve" on His creations, it spells trouble for the human body. And so that is why I drink whole milk :) I have the info on a man from Va that will deliver unpasteurized milk to the state line.  I am going to get me some..straight from the cow!


  1. We have two gallons of WHOLE milk in our fridge right now. :) At least I'm doing something right. ;)

  2. My hubby is going to LOVE this... I usually do 2% but guess I will have to let him have his whole milk now!

  3. oh... in case you haven't figured it out... Sunny Day Tag Girl is Kori! I don't blog there anymore since I quit making my bag tags but it is still my google ID.