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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kefir..I'm making it

I know what you are thinking..What in the world is kefir and why is she making that? So..I'm glad you asked. Kefir is cultured milk, it kinda looks like buttermilk or a thin yogurt. It is just full of probiotics and soooo good for you. Kefir has been associated with healing of the body for thousands of years.  It prevents you from getting sick, helps aid in digestions, helps the body's immune system with healing.  You should try it!!

Here is a list of some of it's benefits:
  1. Improves digestion
  2. Treats lactose intolerance, constipation, diarrhea, colon cancer and inflammatory bowel syndrome
  3. Treatment for ulcer
  4. Regulates the blood pressure and blood sugar
  5. Regulates cholesterol
  6. Effective treatment for various respiratory conditions
  7. Effective treatment for eczema, various skin disorders
  8. Effective treatment for acne
  9. Fortifies the body’s immune system
  10. Improves the body’s defenses and resistance to diseases
  11. Has anti aging or anti oxidant properties
Traditional, authentic kefir can only be prepared by culturing fresh milk with Kefir grains. I got my grains from my friend at church.  You can purchase them from her and you can let me know if you are interested and I will get you in touch.
The origins of kefir traces back thousands of years to the native population of the Caucasus Mountains from their Shepard's discovery.  They are live grains and must by fed with milk daily.  You can feed them cow, goat, soy, coconut milks. The possibilities are endless. They also multiple after a couple of weeks and you can make bigger batches or share some grains with a friend.There are a ton of recipes out there..Kefir ice cream, smoothies, breads, salad dressings,'s a lot like liquid yogurt. The list for it's uses goes on and on.  Click here and here for a bunch of recipes.

So here is what it looks like being made:

Yesterday I got this jar with the grains and goat's milk with a cloth on the lid.

So I let it sit out of direct sunlight on my kitchen counter for 24hr and it looked like this.

I stired it with a plastic spoon

Then I strained it in a plastic strainer.

I used plastic because Nancy told me to that sometimes metal can cause them to have some issues or die.

I put a bowl under the stainer to capture the milk..I really need to buy a funnel for this and do it into a jar..
This is what strains out..the grains.  They are weird and slimy, to be quite honest.  These grains are what you place directly back in the jar the way they are. You don't press them or try to get all the milk off, just back in the jar they go..
Here is one slippery grain on my spoon.

So you put the grains back in the jar and feed them 2 cups of milk again..tomorrow I will have more..

And this is the kefir milk that is your finished keeps in the fridge and can be used in lots of recipes or drank straight up like milk...

I will post more as I start messing with recipes with it :)

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  1. So how does it taste different from regular milk?