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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quick and Easy Salsa

I have several different salsa recipes that I like..this is the quickest and soooo good and tasty..

Quick and Easy Salsa

3-4 large fresh tomatoes..I used my garden heirloom tomatoes..Cherokee purple are my favorite
2 Tbs chopped fresh cilantro
4 Tbsp Mrs Wages create salsa seasoning packet

Chop tomatoes..I use my pampered chef chopper, done in seconds.  Add other ingredients and then eat it.  So yummy.  I love to eat it on my favorite chips from Earth Fare posted below.

Chop tomatoes with a chopper to make it easy
This is the salsa packet found at Ingles..has all clean ingredients :)

Add spices and cilantro and stir

Eat the salsa on this chips..look at those superfood ingredients list!!

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  1. I really want to try those chips and make this salsa...YUMMMO!!!