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Monday, August 29, 2011

Yoforia..please put one in Tn..oh please!

Yofaria inside..a little piece of heaven!!
If you noticed, I haven't posted in a few days because the girls of my family went on our annual Charlotte, NC shopping excursion. We love to go to yard sales and consignment stores there.  On this trip we found this new piece of heaven.  It's called Yoforia.   Yoforia is located in NC and Ga only.  Whahhh..They sell self serve frozen organic Stonyfield yogurt. You get to make it all yourself and take it to the register to weigh and pay. The sugarfree is sweetened with stevia instead of chemicals.  (Look here for the benefits of stevia.)  The flavors with sugar have the pure cane sugar and the grams are low. The topping bar looks like this and you do that yourself too. This is only one small portion of toppings.

My favorite thing was the dark chocolate sweetened with stevia. Hello, America, can you start making more of this healthy stuff readily available!! Oh please!
This is the dark chocolate with blackberries.

You can find out more or find a location at
Oh, and of course I have emailed them and told them how wonderful it is and begged for an east Tn location :)

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