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Thursday, August 18, 2011

My GMO Free Corn from Wendi for a Queen to eat

What is GMO and what am I free from??

 GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. Ok, so what does that mean for corn, you say???? GMO is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.  So what does this mean for our health?.  From most of my research, scientist alter the genes in a crop to make it bigger or more abundant.  Well..guess what?  When we alter God's creations, they cause a problem to your health.  The alterations done are commonly done to corn and soybean crops. They are not easily digested by the intestine and can cause allergy problems.  When fed to cattle, they can cause and increase in estrogen.  Then if you eat that corn fed cattle, yep, you guessed it, hormone problems for us.  So, the list goes on and on of it's problems.  It's more that just corn and soybeans, and guess what..the FDA does not require labeling.  If you know your farmer, you will know what you are getting. Thank you, Wendi for my corn!! We love it!
For more info on GMO click here.

Here is how I fixed the corn:

Off with their heads...First I cut the ends off, I mean
This is blurry because I'm in action..peeling away the husk
 Then I trimmed them all up

Here they all are..I washed them and put them in a big ziplock bag
 in the fridge for a few days until I was ready to cook them.

then I boiled them tonight in a large pot with some sea salt

Look at this pampered chef slides right down the corn and cuts it off smoothly after it's cooked!!
Love it!! 

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