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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Drop it down low!...if you want your kids to eat it..added bonus at the bottom..why should we care about our kids nutrition?

Drop it down low, I mean, put your healthy stuff in reach.  I know that sounds sorta dumb, but if  I put healthy stuff in their reach and don't say anything..they just eat it.  Kids want something quick, that they can grab and eat.
I put all my stuff I want them to have in reach and open the containers.  I take the granola bars and some things out of the packages and put them in a basket in the cabinet.

See how easy they can get to it and how healthy that cabinet is?!?!

I do the same thing in the fridge..take note....none of my berries are in reach. I like to get those out myself..your berries will get down low too, all over your floor when a 7 year old breaks them out!

See how I open all the containers..boys like to grab and go, they won't open a package..must be a man thing

Same thing, sort of , with our fruit basket.  It is full on the end of the cabinet.  I have a stool there so my littlest one can reach it without breaking the cabinet doors off by using them as a ladder..
This pic is crooked, but whatever, here is the fruit basket

So why does it matter that are kids eat healthy?? They are kids and they have lots of energy already and they run around and burn it all off... WRONG!! Our generation of children, has the highest population of obesity and diabetes than any other in history.  Our bodies are the same creation, they are just smaller.  They need the same proper nutrition and hydration as adults.  Not to add to the fact that they are still growing and developing, so actually, it's more important......

You may just see a tight waist band and a chubby tummy, but much more is happening on the inside.  Just 5lbs of being over weight causes a set of series of changes in the body.  That goes for children and adults.  Look how earlier our kids are blooming these's due to the products pumped with hormones and preservatives which causes hormone changes with in our bodies.  It's not just about being over weight, either.  They are now checking cholesterol levels at the age of 5! Children now have high triglycerides.  The statistics show that one third of our child population has some form of diabetes!!  They have type 1 (which is usually hereditary) , Type 2 which is on the rise big time from the sugar eating( formerly known as adult onset), pre-diabeters or metabolic syndrome x. Click on it to find our more from the mayo clinic.  Oh, wow! Those are just a few problems our children are facing by eating a bunch of processed foods and sugar. 
So, if you think I'm a little health are right.  I have seen these children myself in the ER..they come in, in DKA.  That is a crisis of the body when the pancreas can not produce of insulin and the blood sugar rises rapidly and causes the body to be in acidosis.  It shuts down the kidneys and can cause respiratory arrest.  It's very life threatening.  If we don't stop the trend now and teach are kids to eat healthy...that is where the future of this country is going to a health crisis...
This book is great for kid tips and is cheap on amazon:


  1. What does DKA mean? When a lot of the organic foods started coming out, it often meant they didn't taste as good. I'm sure they've improved that now plus when you get used to not eating all the processed sugars and eat natural then things you may not have thought tasted sweet before will taste sweet. Is that right?

  2. DKA is diabetic happens to the body when your blood sugar gets really high and your pancrease can't release enough insulin to combat it.
    I think they do a good job with organic foods. Some of them my kids don't like and I do. So on the kid approved sections, if they will eat it, then most people will. I don't buy all organic, I check the label for low sugar (like under 15 grams per serving), then read the ingredients for chemical names I can't pronounce. There are a lot of foods that are "clean" that aren't organic. If you detox yourself off that stuff, you are right, things taste more sweet and better :)
    Sorry I missed last night:( school starting and homework and activities took us over.