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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kid Approved

I am going to start a page for kid approved page as I start taking pictures of what they will eat.  If Joseph will eat it, anyone will.  He is the 11 year old picky one.  Jacob is my health nut, he is the 7 year old.  He checks food labels for sugar, no joke!!
They both will eat fruits very well, veggies not so many things.  I won't post what each of my kids likes as far as fresh fruits and things, but here is a list of products we buy that are clean and quick to fix...

Chicken Fries..yes..chicken fries. I can only find these at food city.  They have all clean ingredients.  They are breaded in whole wheat. Quick and easy microwave directions or oven directions.  They like them with fruit and cheese.  Notice the clean ketchup in the pic, found at Ingles, harvest high fructose corn syrup in there.

simply chocolate chip cookies, quick and clean..I like to make my own personally,
 but when in a bind, these are good and fast..I know it's sideways
organic pop tarts also can be found on the breakfast page

Annie's has chocolate chip, cheddar and all kinds of bunnies
they also have good macaroni
Jacob will eat the whole box of these in a day if I don't stop him..

I fry this bacon and put in it the fridge for the week and heat in the microwave
in a paper towel..2 pieces for 20 seconds..your own instant bacon

My kids will eat these cereals..

They like these waffles with 100% pure maple syrup

They love these granola bars
Clean cheetos?!?!? yep..found at Ingles and Kroger
Raisins..they love these..

I will add recipes to this as I fix them that they like

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