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Monday, August 15, 2011

Quick and Simple Breakfast simple even a queen can fix them

Here are a few things I eat for breakfast..

  1. I know you have heard me say it and seen the recipe. But, I absolutely feel the best all day long when I eat the oatmeal recipe that I have on here. It's easy you can fix a big batch and keep in the fridge..just heat in the microwave and add your favorite ingredients.
2.These are grab and go bars that Chad likes.  Check the ingredients on these..they are great.  Anything in the Kashi brand is clean and this other brand is safe too.  I found them at Ingles.  Remember..this alone is not enough to get all your daily requirements, so add a glass of milk and a piece of fruit, this has a lot of whole grains and fiber.
3.  Organic Pop Tarts are great..they have all clean ingredients.  They have a lot of different flavors.  I got these at Ingles..but they also have these at Walmart. itself not a full add protein like milk or yogurt and a piece of fruit.

4.  Kashi cereals and Cascadian Farms are both clean brands..the Healthy Sunshine, well, the kids think it's captain crunch if they don't see the box, and Jacob loves the raisin bran...
5.  This is not the best choice for oatmeal, cooking them yourself is better..But if you didn't have time the to do it, then this is a great alternative.  Clean ingredients and quick. Take the pack with you if you have to. You can add wheat germ, flax seeds, some fruit and drink with milk and you are good to go..Joseph likes it with flax seed, I mix some ground and some not ground. No's kid approved. 

6.  Kefir can make flavors you can add any fruit you want, add honey, agave, or truvia...get this.. you can make a big batch, pour them in plastic cups with foil over the top and freeze them.  Put one in the fridge the night before and grab it as you go out the door.  Oh wow! So easy!!

7.  This is my breakfast I ate the other night for supper. I like to do that sometimes.  It's a farm fresh egg, bacon (yes bacon, preservative  free and nitrate free) kashi blueberry waffles with blueberries and pure maple syrup, and a glass of 2% milk.

Add some protein to this and fruit

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