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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eat more food to Lose weight

Eat clean principle #8 is never skip a meal...especially breakfast.  I said earlier in the postings to eat 6 small meals per day in the eat clean principles #1 and #2.  Eating more often causes your metabolism to be stimulated while preventing you from getting hungry.  The most important start to this is breakfast.   Never skip breakfast.

So here is an idea of a schedule for a day of eating this is what my day looks like:

7:30 am : Meal #1 breakfast
10:00 am : Meal #2 mid morning snack
12:30 pm: Meal # 3  lunch
3:30 pm : Meal #4 mid afternoon snack
6:30 or 7:00 pm : Meal #5 or dinner
10:00 pm : Meal #6 evening snack
You can adjust this schedule to work for you..this is just an idea of the every 2-3 hrs

Eating 6 small meals a day and never skipping one, will, in return help you with smaller portion sizes.  This is why eating more and more often works.  It frustrates me that they take away snack time in school, the children need to fuel their brains, just like we do.  Hopefully, we will see a trend back to this. America, if you want to increase our test scores in our children, feed them proper nutrition to fuel their brains and bodies like we should.  I will say that the boys' Elementary school has been good about doing this up until  around 3rd grade.  I have one in middle school now and they aren't doing it at all.  Ok, off my little soap box and back to breakfast...

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  I know you have heard it and we all's the most often skipped meal of the day.  We are all in a rush and in a hurry and we either grab it and run out the door or don't grab it at all.  That is a huge reason we have the obesity problem that we do..and let's not forget our children and their grades and attention spans in school...

So why is breakfast so important?
  1.  After a night of sleeping ..your body has had little or no water or food intake, unless you eat in your sleep. Your body uses this time to take a break and clean up from processing your food. Your brain also takes this rest period. In order to start your brain functioning properly again in the morning,  it needs proper nutrition.
  2. It starts the metabolic kick off for the day to get your metabolism going.
  3. Breakfast skippers or not eating the proper breakfast..often leads to being irritable,tired, and grumpy in the afternoon.
  4. Breakfast should provide ONE QUARTER of your daily nutrition requirements for the day!
The first time I started eating this way, I thought "I can not eat all this food"..seriously, I thought I would pop.  Pairing complex carbs with lean proteins, eating 6 times a day, and one quarter of my nutrients at breakfast, whew.  That's a lot of food not to mention all the water too.  But it's about eating the right foods. If you eat that often and the proper clean foods, you will feel so much better, I promise,  you will. 

I know some of you say, I don't like breakfast, I am too busy, I don't have time...but you do.  It is not hard.  Preparation is all it takes.  There are plenty of foods you can grab before you leave, prepare the night before.  It is essential to start the day off right. 
My favorite breakfast is my oatmeal recipe.

I am going to do a whole list of breakfast items that are quick and easy and some recipes to go along with keep reading,,those will be on here later today :)

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