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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hot Springs NC...our anniversary adventure today

Today we celebrated our 14 year anniversary.

So what is he holding and what are we doing there?? We went to Hot Springs NC to the hot springs of course.  We have been there 3 times now.  It's a little, well, hippyish, if that's a word, but we love it.  Of course we do, we are in to healthy stuff :).
Chad is so cute, look at him. He is holding a jug of hot spring water that comes up from the ground.  The temperature of the water is 102 degrees.  It comes naturally from the earth that way.  It is very high in minerals that are very good for you.  You can soak in their private spas outside beside the French Broad River, drink the water, bring jugs and bottles and take it home for free.  You do have to pay to go in the tubs for an hour.  A lot of people, with all kinds of medical problems and disease, believe these waters are healing. 
We brought the water home to drink.  It's good. 

Here is a list of minerals and their healing properties found in the water here:

Sulphate of Magnesia: ..muscle activity and laxative effects
Bicarbonate of Iron silica and alumina.....corrects anemia helps the blood
Chloride of Potassium and Sulphate of Potassium...Helps nerves, heart action, digestion
Chloride of sodium, Phosphate of Sodium, bicarbonate of ammonia...protects tissues
sulphate of lime  and bicarbonate of lime..bone and tooth structure

I like going because it's relaxing, our cell phones don't work, and it's just the two of us spending time together and talking with no distractions.  You can go with a group and soak in bigger spas, but we like just the two of us. 
I always feel pretty good when we leave.  I have a lot of back issues and it seems to help muscles relax.  I did put on some lotion in the changing room when we left and my skin was so soft, I really didn't need it..and I'm addicted to lotion.  I can't even wash my hands without using it immediately. So the skin softening is very cool.

If you ever want to's about an hour from here.(kingsport)...
The history on this place is very interesting and amazing. 

The Natural Hot Mineral Springs were discovered in 1778 by a group of mountaineer white settlers. Artifacts found at these springs supported the claim that the Cherokee Indians used these springs and believed in their magical curative powers many years before they arrived. The still have remnantss of the old bath house structures, very cool.  Check it all out on their page.


  1. You could drink our water all the time we have 5 springs on our land that's why our water is so much healthier and tastes better than city! We don't use chlorine to clean our water like city either we use ultraviolet light which is much safer and healthier. A company down the road actually bottles spring water and sells it down the road from us its a company based out of JC but I can't recall the name. I LOVE my natural water. Glad you all had such a wonderful time! I'm Jealous!

  2. need to start bottling it and selling it :) If yours comes up hot you can pipe it up and make some hot tubs :)